How to Embed Instagram Images and Videos in WordPress

Many bloggers are generating content on multiple platforms, including a WordPress blog and an Instagram profile. It’s important to share the content on several platforms, to maximize exposure and get get the word out there.

Presenting an Instagram image or video in your WordPress blog post can increase user engagement and give your users a fresh and exciting feel to the content you are sharing.

This post will detail an easy way to quickly embed any Instagram or Reels post into a WordPress blog post.

Embed an Instagram image in WordPress

  1. Navigate to the Instagram post and open the side menu.
  2. Choose the Embed option.
  3. Copy the HTML code that is presented in the text box, by clicking on the “Copy Embed Code” button.
  4. Navigate to your WordPress post and create a Custom HTML block, in which you can paste the code you copied in the previous step.
  5. All done, the Instagram image will now show up in your post once you preview the post. Please note that in editing mode you’ll still see it as HTML code.
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