How to Check PHP Version in WordPress Without a Plugin

WordPress is built with the backend PHP programming language. Upgrading the PHP version used by your WordPress website can provide several benefits, including:

  • Improved security by resolving known vulnerabilities
  • Increased speed due to newer PHP versions being faster than older ones
  • The ability to continue upgrading WordPress itself, which often requires the use of more recent PHP versions.

Checking WordPress PHP version

Follow these steps to check the installed PHP version of your WordPress website:

  • Navigate to the admin panel of your WordPress website (/wp-admin).
  • On the left panel, choose Dashboard.
  • On the right top side, choose Screen Options and enable Site Health Status.
  • Click the Site Health Screen link.
  • Choose the Info tab.
  • Scroll down to the Server section, and there you’ll find the PHP version installed on your WordPress server.

Which PHP version should I install for WordPress?

Each version of WordPress is compatible with a range of PHP versions. According to the WordPress compatibility page, it is recommended to use PHP versions greater than 5.6 for recent WordPress versions.

As newer versions provide improved security and significantly faster performance, it is strongly recommended to use the most recent versions of PHP available in order to take advantage of these benefits.






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