7 Best Landing Page Examples and Ideas in 2023

Our team is exploring many types of landing pages on a weekly basis, trying to identify trends, similarities, and differences between landing pages of different companies. Recently, we scanned through our Facebook feed looking for interesting advertisements from SaaS companies. We clicked those advertisements in order to explore their landing pages, their messaging, and the ways they communicate with their potential customers.

In this post we’ll list the advantages and unique properties of each landing page, to hopefully help you and the community in creating better landing pages for your customers. We explored nearly 100 landing pages, and we’ll list the top 15 landing pages which managed to get our attention.

Research shows that on average, most readers only get 60% of the way through a page or an article. Therefore, in this post, we’ll explore only the top part of the landing page, as in most cases it’s the most impactful part of the page.

1. Monday.com landing page example

Monday.com is an advanced project management tool, enabling both technological and non-technolical organizations to manage their team’s work, their tasks, projects, and professional roadmaps.

What’s unique in Monday’s landing page?

  • Customized solution: The page asks the user “what you want to manage”. It allows Monday’s product to adapt based on the customer’s needs, while also increases the user’s confidence that he found the right tool for the job.
  • One clear CTA: The user has only one way to go in case he decides to proceed, which is to get started with the application.
  • Clear and short messaging: the entire message about the product is delivered in just one line of text – the title. The goal of the landing page is to guide you to try out the product as soon as possible and spend less time reading through the landing page.

2. Buffer landing page example

Buffer is for marketing professionals who’re looking to manage their company’s social accounts. It will allow you to schedule social network posts, analyze the results, and engage with the community.

What’s unique in Buffer’s landing page?

  • Free trial with no barriers to entry: The landing page specifies that there is no credit card required to start a free trial, and you can cancel any time.
  • Being transparent regarding the cost: Most companies do not include the pricing on their landing page, but Buffer chose to do that. They specify that the cost of their products starts at $85 per month.

3. Elementor landing page example

Elementor offers an easy to use website builder, allowing WordPress users to create and edit websites using an easy to use drag and drop technique. The pages are responsive by default and no programming skills are required to get started.

What’s unique in Elementor’s landing page?

  • Demonstrating the product directly on the page: The page demonstrates the quick ‘drag and drop’ technique and allows the customer to envision how the product works very quickly.
  • The user is guided to view the plans: They mean business, as the page guides you directly to view their subscription plan options.
  • Live chat embedded in the page: Does the user need any help? Live chat is embedded directly into the page. A study by J.D. Power, a trusted online source for marketing research, showed that more than 42% preferred the live chat option to solve issues or questions while shopping. Also, it showed that their overall satisfaction was higher.

4. Wix landing page example

Wix provides a website building platform used by hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. It’s used widely by small businesses to quickly set up and manage websites.

What’s unique in Wix’s landing page?

  • Focusing on images and visuals: Reading text takes time. But what about images? a study by MIT neuroscientists has shown that the human brain can identify images in 13 milliseconds, which means we can process around 70 images in one second. That’s 60,000 times faster than processing text.
  • No menu items: The top of the page is clean, without any menu items (such as Pricing, FAQ, etc.) which we’re used to seeing in most websites. It can better focus the user on the one single CTA avaialble to users in the page.

5. CircleCI landing page example

CircleCI allows development teams to quickly release code, by automating the build, test, and delivery processes. It’s widely used in an integration with popular source control platforms such as GitHub.

What’s unique in CircleCI’s landing page?

  • Be where your users are: many CircleCI users are already using GitHub or Bitbucket to store their code and create automations around code. Therefore, the ability to directly authenticate using those account is a major advantage in the landing page.
  • Positioning as the leader: the landing page positions CircleCI as the leading default solution for CI/CD with Amazon. They are using the AWS and Amazon brands to assosiate themselves with the AWS environment, which will appeal to any AWS user looking for seamless integrations.

6. MongoDB landing page example

MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database. It’s a NoSQL database which uses JSON-like documents to store customers data. The company behind MongoDB released the code as open source, while also offering a paid cloud hosted option.

What’s unique in MongoDB’s landing page?

  • Offer free value which is not the product: in this case, MongoDB decided to offer an ebook to help developers better design document based schemas. Offering free value gated with a form can be a great focused lead generator with high intent leads at the end of the funnel.
  • Consistent color schema: MongoDB are using the green color consistently as part of any of their assets. Their web pages, visuals, images, buttons, and even the live chat widget, are all green. Users already assosiate that color with MongoDB (when considering the database space), which can be very powerful for branding.

7. Hubspot landing page example

Hubspot provides solutions around inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. It’s mostly popular for the CRM offering, which also includes many other capabilities around sales and marketing.

What’s unique in Hubspot’s landing page?

  • Showcase important partnerships: Hubspot decided to show case their partnership with Google on their landing page, to increase thier credability and demonstrate their footprint in the technology space.
  • Talk about value, not features: the landing page showcases the value the customer will get: “Kickstart your sales process”. It doesn’t mention “CRM” or any other more technical software related concepts. They are just talking about the high level value the customer will get from using the product.
  • Emphesize that the customer can start for free: The initial offering from Hubspot is completely free. Therefore, they mention it 3 times in the landing page. It’s mentioned in both the CTA buttons and in the description below the title. The goal of the landing page is to get the user to try the product for free, so that’s definetly where they’re aiming.


If you’re looking for inspiration for landing pages, the examples above will show case many different concepts that worked for other successful SaaS companies. You don’t have






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