Create a Google Docs™ based blog in 3 easy steps

Integrate with Google Docs™

Integrate your SimpleBlog with your Google Docs™ documents, using just a few clicks

Choose your domain name

Choose a custom domain or subdomain for your Simple Blog

Launch your new blog

All done, you can now write your content in Google Docs™ and publish it automatically to your blog.

What can do for you?

Create a Google Docs™ based blog in minutes

No coding skills required. Set up a new SimpleBlog easily, write your content in Google Docs™, and get it published automatically in your blog's custom domain or subdomain.

allow publishing google docs to blog

Built-in analytics

When you set up a SimpleBlog, you get built in advanced analytics, so you could better understand your readers, and analyze which content resonates with them.

analytics is built in the platform

Secure and blazing fast

If you're tired of slow WordPress blogs, you came to the right place. SimpleBlog is blazing fast, and it's secure by default with SSL. And the best part, it's all automatic, nothing to configure manually.

built-in security in simpleblog platform

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